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Music Lessons Held at Granite Bay & Blue Oaks Campus

Once you're on Bayside's Granite Bay campus, walk inside of the Thrive Kids building, head upstairs, and your instructors will be waiting outside of their classrooms for you. If you can't find your instructor, give them a quick call or a text and they'll be right out to greet you! If your lesson is held at Bayside's Blue Oaks campus, park on the right hand side in front of the worship center and enter through the main doors. If you don't see you teacher waiting in the CafĂ©, give them a quick text or call and they'll be right out to greet you as well! 

Contact Info:

  • Email: (for general program, account, new student information, and billing questions) 

How To Cancel A Lesson:

  • Best way: Use the "Cancel" or "Reschedule" links in your lesson reminder email
  • Contact your instructor directly

Pay off your Past Due balance or pay for next month's tuition.

Never worry about tuition again! Setup takes less than a minute.

Payment FAQs:

When Are Tuition Payments Due?

Tuition is due during the month of lessons you're attending for. For example, September tuition is due in full by September 30.

Can I pick the date that automatic payments process?

Yes! When you set up new automatic payments either during your first lesson or at any time using the button at the top of the page, you can choose what day you want to payments to process on. On the very first page of the payment form, you'll see "Recurring Day" - just select "Choose Recurring Day" and an option for you to select a start date will appear. Make sure that you pick a day remaining in the current month, or else the automatic payment will not start until next month, and this month will be past due. To avoid this, you can always make a one-time payment for this month and let the automatic payments start next month.

Can I pay for more than one month in advance?

Sure! Make a one-time payment using the button at the top of the page, just make sure to let us know that you're prepaying for multiple months in the "Comments" section of the payment form.

Will I get a receipt? What about payment reminders?

If you set up automatic payments through our new system (using the button at the top of the page), you'll get a "heads up" email three days before a payment processes. After any payment processes through our new system, whether it's automatic or one-time, you'll get a receipt emailed to you as soon as the payment goes through. We're not able to send payment reminders for people making one-time payments. If you'd like to know your account standing, we'd be happy to tell you. Just let us know.

Do I have to pay through the website?

Yes. We aren't able to accept cash or checks in any situation - so that's why we've made the online payment process really easy!

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