Productions and Performances

Christmas Showcase

At the end of our Winter Semester, our students get the chance to show off their talents by performing pieces that bring about the Christmas spirit. This showcase includes our music students, acting students, and select dance classes, and takes place at the Bayside Granite Bay Campus.

Nativity Ballet

During the Christmas season, our Christian Dance classes and Wiggles and Wonder class gets the opportunity to relay the true meaning of Christmas through performance. During the months of October-December, all levels of our Christian Dance classes and Wiggles and Wonder learn and perfect choreography, portraying the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. This ballet is typically performed for one weekend near December 24th, during the service times at the Bayside Blue Oaks Campus.

Spring Musical

Every spring, Thrive Arts Academy produces a full fledged musical production alongside our usual classes throughout the year. This production is open for any member of our community to join, and typically will start the 10 week rehearsal process between the months of January and February. Rehearsals take place on Saturdays from 10-2pm, and end with a week long tech rehearsal session before performances. Performances typically take place at the Bayside Blue Oaks Campus. From costumes and set design, to choreography and vocal performance, there is a place for you at TAA. Check back in soon to see what production we will put on next!

Spring Music & Dance/Theatre Recital

At the end of our school year, the Music Program and Dance & Theatre Program put on separate recitals to celebrate all of the hard work our students have put into the year. Students begin learning their recital pieces in February, and perform the pieces for their families and loved ones in May.